How to Generate Automatic Captions Using CaptionTok

Crafting engaging captions can be time-consuming, challenging and frustrating. That's where CaptionTok, a powerful web app, comes to the rescue.

CaptionTok is a cutting-edge web app designed to simplify the caption creation process for videos. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically generate word captions based on the audio content of your videos. With CaptionTok, you can save countless hours time and effort by letting the AI do the work for you.

Captioned videos make content more accessible to a wider audience and can improve the overall user experience. Captions can also boost viewer engagement by capturing their attention and helping them stay focused on the content.  Studies have shown that captioned videos have higher completion rates and increased viewer retention compared to non-captioned videos.

Let CaptionTok Analyze Your Video

Behind the scenes, powerful algorithms will work their magic to synchronize your captions with the corresponding video frames. This process ensures that every word appears at the right moment, enhancing engagement and saving you valuable time.


Select Text Styles or Customize Your Own.

CaptionTok provides a range of text styles to choose from. Browse through the available options and select the one that best matches the tone and style of your video. You can also customise your own unique text style. That can be saved for your next videos.


Customize Style (Optional).

If desired, you can further customize the generated captions. Edit the text, or emphasise words and phrases to align the captions precisely with your video's content and desired message.


Export and Download Your new Video.

When you've ensured that the captions meet your expectations, simply click the 'Export' button and patiently await the outcome. After a brief moment, you'll be guided to the 'videos' tab, where your existing videos reside. Now, seize the opportunity to retrieve your freshly minted creation by initiating the download.

“So, when you're satisfied with your captions, hit that "Export" button and watch as your video transforms into a captivating visual experience that leaves a lasting impression. ”


Upload Your Next Video and Repeat!